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Newman and Gus are Buddies. 

They are pasturemates and they both do therapeutic riding together. 

 Gus is a very good influence on Newman.Newman and Gus 004Newman and Gus 003

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Mama PJ

herd evening light 001 (4)Herd Evening Light 010

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A HUGE thanks to my Mom who has me back up and running!!  She took the time to go get a new charger for my camera!!!! 

Last night was our first night back for the River Valley Rider’s Therapeutic Riding program!!  What a great night!!  I took Ruby (Roo) back this year and she really seemed to enjoy being back and certainly loved all the aLove at First Sightttention!!  She has a young girl who leads her during the 3rd session and it was love at first sight!! 

Love at First Sight



This year I added another one of my horses to the line up!  He has turned into an instant superstar.  He was such a good boy, no one could believe he is only four years old!!  Just a baby really, but he loves his new job.  Everyone had to come and meet him because he is such a pretty boy!!  The pretty boys get all the attention!

The pretty boys get all the attention!



Oh my, its good to be back!!

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When it was time to wean baby Phoenix this year, we needed a friend for him to go out with, so, we gave him Max.  At the time, Max was a 2 year old and very laid back, so we figured it would be a good match.


Max was accepting right away.  The Baby Phoenix spent most of the first two weeks looking underneath Max for the milk machine.  Needless to say Phoenix was very disappointed and would even get mad at Max.  Max took it all in stride and now they are best buds.  They have been very good for each other, Max doesn’t care much about anything but eating and the baby is able to get him to play.  On the otherhand, nothing much phases Max, so he has been good for stability. 


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