These two are inseperable, but like anyone who spends too much time with someone, they have their little spats too.  Today was a snowbath and then a little romp thru the snow, ending up with a little spat, and then it was back to napping in the winter sun.


Gracie, a Scattergun Dog

I have been playing with my new camera and Gracie is the most cooperative of the house animals, so she has been very patient with me as e play “photographer.”  To see what Gracie does for a living every fall, see www.scattergunlodge.com

Frosty Minnesota Morning

Snow on the flowers 033I’m thinking Mother Nature either lost her calander, or just doesn’t believe she needs to follow one.



Just looking for someone to play with and Jack wasn’t much fun.

The Majestic Bald Eagle

Eagle 045We are really lucky, the eagle stop here often.  Eagle 052Lately we have been visited by a Golden Eagle as well, but he has proven to be much more elusive.  The Bald Eagle was recently seen catching a fish out of our pond.   I never tire of watching these beautiful birds.   This one put me over a half hour behind schedule, but it was well worth it!

Newman and Gus

Newman and Gus are Buddies. 

They are pasturemates and they both do therapeutic riding together. 

 Gus is a very good influence on Newman.Newman and Gus 004Newman and Gus 003