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I have been playing with my new camera and Gracie is the most cooperative of the house animals, so she has been very patient with me as e play “photographer.”  To see what Gracie does for a living every fall, see www.scattergunlodge.com


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The signs are everywhere, fall is on its way.   The geese have begun to gather, some of the leaves are already beginning to turn and Gracie’s getting into shape.  Gracie spends her fall months at ScatterGun Lodge in South Dakota – the Ultimate in Pheasant Hunting. Here she is doing part of her workout program.  For more information on ScatterGun Lodge check out their beautiful website at www.scattergunlodge.com

Gracie knows its very hard work, but, someone has to do it, right? 

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Hitch belongs to some friends of mine.  He is only 11 months old and already the perfect gentleman.  Doesn’t he look handsome?


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Go ahead, I dare you!!!

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Meet Gracie.  According to Gracie, her sole purpose in life is to retrieve.  She will bring back anything, including the remote control if gracie-003.jpgyou drop it. 

 Gracie is a professional retriever at Scattergun Lodge every fall.  gracie-004-2.jpghttp://www.scattergunlodge.com/retrievers.htm  Scattergun Lodge in South Dakota has 30 of the finest retrievers in the country.  Each Fall, Gracie gets on the Labrador Bus and heads  out west to do her job.  She LOVES it.  She spends 2-3 months going out with hunters and retrieving their pheasants and she is very good at her job.  In order to stay in shape during her off season, she spends time swimming and retrieving whenever possible.  She will retrieve for as long as you are willing to throw something.  When she is done, her favorite place to cool off is either the pond, the stock tank or a mud puddle, whichever is closer, she’s not fussy. 


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