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So many different words come to mind when watching a mare and her foal.  The first is protective and alert.  Those moms are always on the alert for anything that could be a threat to their foal.happe-babies-in-pasture-057-2.jpghappe-mcgrath-2007-foals-001-2.jpg  They  know where that baby is at all times.  Everything that new foal learns, he learns from watching his mom.  Her leadership is how he learns to behave, what is safe, what is not.  If mom runs, he runs.  If mom is brave, he is brave. The next word that come to mind is Patience.  Mares seem to have the inate ability to wait all day long for their kids to explore their world.  Mom just casually follows them and quietly keeps them out of trouble.  Tolerence seems to be key when baby wants to jump and play all over mom, she just seems to quietly ignore it.  When that baby crosses the line, mom queitly diciplines with a quick pin of the ears or a genlte nip on the bottom and the message is quickly received.  Everytime I watch mares and foals out in a herd in the pasture I am always struck by the serenity of it all.  Moms quietly graze while their foals learn to become socialized in a herd.  They romp and play and nap in the sun and all seems right with the world.
PROTECTIVE and ALERT LEADERSHIP with PATIENT TOLERENCE and a little DICIPLINE thrown in would give this world more SERENiTY.

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The bond between mare and foal has always facinated me.  I don’t know what makes these photos feel so warm, is it the obvious bond between mom and baby or is it the perfect afternoon light?

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