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I have been lax on posting for the last several months – late winter around here is just not that photogenic not to mention the fact that I have lost the battery charger for my camer.  I as so sure I’d be able to find it, but it looks like its gone forever and now I need to break down and get a new one.  What I’d really like is a new camera – what do you think the chances of convincing my husband that it would be better to buy a new camera instead of a new battery charger.   Hmmmm, have to work on that plan – would welcome any suggestions.

In the meantime I wanted to share this photo that a friend of mine took.  Stewart is a 10 month old miniature horse owned by a friend of mine.  We did a vaccination clinic for the 4-H kids so she brought him along for the fun of it.  One of our clients brought in his Clydesdales.  Here is his biggest Clyde mare meeting Stewie.  It was love at first sight for Stewie!

This photo was taken by Stacy Miles – thanks for sharing it Stacy!



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Over the past couple of years, I have been blessed to get to know and become friends with Karly and her family.  Karly has Retts Syndrome and Beau is her companion horse.  You can clearly see the special bond these two share.  They have shown me that you really don’t need words to communicate love and trust.  Karly has become a hero of mine, she knows what she wants and she works hard towards those goals! Karly communicates using her keyboard and wanted to share a little bit about herself in her own words:

I have Rett syndrome.  It has affected my ability to walk, kept me from speaking, affected my energy, made it challenging to breathe. In other words it has a huge effect on my days. I don’t want to have people to think of me only as having many challenges but as a young woman who has many gifts and interests.  I am able to compose music for piano and keyboards.  I share my music and stories in the hopes that I can inspire others to think of folks who live with a disability as having much to offer this world.  I love spending time with Beau. He brings so much joy to my life with his energy and his interest in people.  He is a very busy, nosy, little horse that makes me smile.  It is funny to see how much mischief he tries to get into. I love him!  It’s fun to see the looks on people’s faces when we are in town or on the trail.  I hope he’s able to go even more places this next summer.  It gives him and me something to look forward to.


check out their new blog at  www.spiritdances.wordpress.com

for anyone looking for more information on Rett Syndrome you will find info at


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Meet Beau.  Beau is a little  gentleman, who, I’m pretty sure doesn’t know he is a horse.  Beau is owned by a very special young lady named Karly.  Beau is her companion and an ambassador for people who have challenges in their lives.  Beau can go in the house, he rides in the van and has even been to school.  Check out their blog at www.spiritdances.wordpress.com



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