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My friend Karly now has her own music on her blog – check it out.  Be sure to read about the process it takes for her to compose one piece of music.  She is truly an amazing woman!

http://spiritdances.wordpress.com/  Click on “MY MUSIC” in the upper right hand corner of her page.


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Recently I attended a conference where a friend of mine was the keynote speaker.  My friend Karly is “non-verbal” which simply means she cannot speak with her mouth.  Do not let the fact that she is non-verbal fool you into thinking that she has nothing to say.  This woman has plenty of great things to say, not only in words, but she also composes beautiful music.  She works with a musical therepist named Karen who works very hard to make sure that what is composed is exactly what Karly wants.  At this conference we were able to hear all the music Karly has composed with  Karen playing the piano. This photo to me embodies the realtionship between Karly and Karen.  Karen makes sure that what we here is an exact reflection of what Karly wants us to hear.  They are an amazing team!

 Check out Karly’s Blog at  http://spiritdances.wordpress.com/

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