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Michelle & Gus have a huge show coming up this week!  Here’s wishing you guys good luck!  We’ll be there to cheer you on!! 

P. S. Not only is Gus a very  talented and classy show horse he is also one of the Super Star Therapeutic Riding Horses for River Valley Riders!


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At age6 the youngest by far!

As many of you know, I have recently joined River Valley Riders Therapeutic Riding and Driving Program with my young mare, Ruby (Roo).  Since becoming involved I have met some wonderful people and some amazing horses.  Not every horse can do what these animals do.  It takes a very calm and easy going horse to make therapeutic riding safe and successful for all concerned.  The horses are constantly surrounded by people who walk very close to them, often in what horse people would consider the “danger zones” around a horse.  They have riders who often times are very unbalanced and move around a lot. Sometimes the riders lean over and touch the horse’s ears, lay down over their rumps and some even ride facing backward.  There is constant noise, activity, music, and other distractions, many horses cannot handle that kind of over stimulation.  These horses are truly unflappable.  I want to introduce you to just a few of the superstars.  I hope, eventually that you get to meet them all – they are wonderful horses, worth their weight in gold!!

 Smoke and Haley 

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Ruby and I and our friend Michelle and her horse Gus, met with the evaluation team for the River Valley Riders Thereputic Riding Program yesterday.  I am proud to say that both horses were awesome!  They took everything in stride and are now the two newest members of the thereputic riding team!  Ruby was calm and curious and very willing to do what was asked of her.  Gus was a superstar!!  He is without a doubt one of the nicest horses I have ever met – he is a true gentleman (unless you have a Culver’s Shake in your hand)  I have a feeling that before the summer is over, Ruby will have a major crush on Gus – I know I already do!  We are looking forward to a very fun and rewarding summer and meeting tons of new friends!                       www.rivervalleyriders.org

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