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Phoenix loves his toys

Wild man!

Four off the floor

Playin soccer

Yee Haw

Snickers needs to check it out, make sure its safe for the boys to play with


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When it was time to wean baby Phoenix this year, we needed a friend for him to go out with, so, we gave him Max.  At the time, Max was a 2 year old and very laid back, so we figured it would be a good match.


Max was accepting right away.  The Baby Phoenix spent most of the first two weeks looking underneath Max for the milk machine.  Needless to say Phoenix was very disappointed and would even get mad at Max.  Max took it all in stride and now they are best buds.  They have been very good for each other, Max doesn’t care much about anything but eating and the baby is able to get him to play.  On the otherhand, nothing much phases Max, so he has been good for stability. 


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Baby Phoenix really adores his Auntie PJ.  He spends most of his time with her, sometimes it seems, much to mom’s relief.   He grooms her, he follows her, he grazes with her and has tried to drink at the milk bar.  She is very patient and tolerant and is very gentle about letting him know when he crosses the line. 

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 Here is the new baby at 1o days old.  I think his name is going to be Willie, seems appropriate because he has become the little prince around here! 



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These photos were all taken when the baby was only 7 hours old!  Baby is a Holsteiner (Dam) and Arab (Sire) cross.  Baby is a week old and he still needs a name!  Congratulations Gaylene on another gorgeous foal!





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