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rvr-1st-night-09-pheasant-012Meet Whitey.  He has taken up residence at my neighbor’s.  He makes himself quite at home.  He has no fear of people, animals or cars.  Here I caught him napping in their driveway and had to go around him because he seemed to have no intention of moving.  As you can see, he has a band so he does belong somewhere, but for now, he’s calling this home.


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This is the nest of a Killdeer

The Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) is a medium-sized plover.

I noticed it yesterday while mowing the pasture.  Mama bird was doing the broken wing act, but she let me get pretty close with the tractor and never left her nest.  I went back today to get her picture, but she was away from the nest trying her best to lure me away.  I got as close as I dared to take these photos, but don’t worry, I didn’t touch them.  Aren’t they pretty?

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Here is one of the reasons I wish I had a better zoom on my camera.  He looked so majestic sitting in that tree.

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